Hobbies :
- Aubenas: cinemas, bowling, swimming pools, theaters
- Vals les Bains: casino, cinema, mini golf, swimming pool, theater

Museums, tourist sites :
- Le Cheylard: Arche des Métiers, the castle, church
- Saint-Pierreville: Ardelaine
- Genestelle: Castle of Craux
- Vals les Bains: water and forest circuit

Sports activities sites:
- Antraigues: climbing, mountain biking, hybrid biking
- Labastide sur Besorgues: canyoning, via corda
- Lachapelle under Aubenas: motor sports
- Mézilhac: hiking with donkeys

Natural sites :
- Mont Gerbier de Jonc
- Ray Pic Waterfall
- Suc de Montivernoux
- Lake of Issarles
- Waterfall of l'Espissard and the cheese rock in Antraigues
- Intermittent spring of Vals les Bains

Regular markets:
- Aubenas: Saturday morning
- Vals les Bains: Sunday morning

Summer markets:
- Antraigues sur Volane: Tuesday morning (from mid May to end of September)