Let's Preserve Our Planet With Simple Gestures

While tourism represents 5% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, the concept of eco-tourism is progressing, impacting travel as a whole, from means of transport to accommodation, obviously including catering. . It is therefore time to adapt to these new expectations and get ahead of a trend that promises to grow in importance in the years to come!
To do this, we are also counting on you.

A hotel night is on average:
* 9 kg of CO2 released into the atmosphere,
               of which 34% due to heating
               including 23% at breakfast,
               of which 17% due to laundry
* 90 liters of water for a 15min shower doesn't sound like a lot, but multiplied by 12 rooms, that's 1080 liters.


In the bedroom :

* we ask our customers if they want their terry towels washed, put them on the floor.
* the majority of our maintenance products are eco-label or are organic products.
* our customers are strongly advised to remember to close the windows when the heating is on (all our radiators are equipped with thermostatic heads) and to turn off the lights when you leave your room.
* In the public toilets of the establishment, we advise you to use the hand dryers provided, rather than paper.

In restoration :

In order to reduce carbon consumption, the vast majority of our products served in our restaurant and bar come from local markets and producers. some of our vegetables are certified organic.

Outside the hotel :

We promote the use of ecological means of transport such as cycling or walking to discover our beautiful region